End To End Process Management

Our platform is packed with features to handle all stages of your relocation, finally removing the stress of moving.
Arrange a home, or video survey in by a qualified surveyor in your location, in your language to begin your house move.
Corporate Relocation Service
  • Arrange a free home or video survey
    We’ve got independent surveyors available across the world ready to visit you in person, backed up by a professional team of video surveyors who can assist you via Zoom or MS Teams to survey your property.
  • Multiple quotations compiled in a simple interface
    We RFQ at least five internationally accredited service providers in your origin and destination regions.
  • Online appointment bookings
    Book a move online with your selected international mover easily. View it in your calendar.
  • Simple, comprehensive insurance for your shipment
    We’re partnered with a reliable, responsive insurance company based in the UK, who is able to provide all assignees with full end-to-end insurance coverage for their shipments, including pairs and setsmould and mildew damage and mechanical and electrical derangement as standard.

Integrated, localised billing

Founded in Dubai, UAE, we can provide local billing in the Middle East for all locations worldwide. Our platform integrates all aspects of the service delivery process into a streamlined quotation and billing system.

Move from Anywhere to Anywhere

As an independent relocation management company (RMC), we’re not tied to trade arrangements. This means that we’re able to Request for Quote (RFQ) from all our accredited house movers in your country and provider you with a list of unbiased quotations.

Hundreds of providers have agreed to quote for the opportunity to help you to move house, from all countries worldwide, meaning we’ll usually RFQ to at least 5 moving companies in your origin and destination regions.

Move from Anywhere to Anywhere

Simplified Quotation List

Without our unique, specially designed platform, tracking and compiling this number of quotations would be a huge, laborious task. We’ve mastered the art, meaning that you’ll see a curated final list of the best quotations that our specialist team have collated, ready for you to make a selection.

Relo-Global Software Preview

All your Relocation & Mobility, in one place

Relo-Global’s platform has been specially developed with the user experience in mind. We’ll keep you updated at all times throughout the house move process, by email.
The platform brings together the combined 30 years of experience from our specialist relocation team who have designed the innovative platform that powers your experience.
Reduce paperwork, cull your email inbox and break free of bureaucracy. We’ll only send you the documentation that’s related to your house move, specific restrictions and laws related to items that can and cannot be included in a shipment to your destination.
Save 90% of your HR team’s burden while increasing employee satisfaction. Happy employees are productive employees!
With access to the platform free of charge, we’re able to deliver cost efficient relocation – all along the way. Our customers tell us how elated they are to have had such a smooth moving experience, at prices that would otherwise be unattainable.