Relocation management Simplified.

Streamline your relocation process through our powerful management tool.
For individual or corporate clients, view the progress of your move in real time.

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Relo-Global Software Preview

Employee Engagement

As a single point of contact, Relo-Global keeps everyone informed all the time.

Employees, individuals, companies, immigration teams, moving companies are all kept up to date in real time.

With our team, moving becomes a pleasure!

Features and Benefits

Reduce HR Burden

For companies, relocation can take huge resources internally. Allow Relo-Global to remove the majority of that burden, while reducing the overall moving cost.

Free Survey

Arrange a free survey at your property by a professional, experienced surveyor giving your volume estimate.
Receive a full survey.

Easy RFQ Process

We will send your survey to multiple accredited moving companies in your origin and destination locations.
Receive a list of prices.

Stay Updated

Receive updates throughout the process. Get notified of prices, shipping status updates, insurance and more.
Stress free experience.

A pleasurable Experience for everyone

We make relocating on mobile, tablet and desktop a great experience for all users.

Automated documentation and information distribution takes the effort out of location-specific anomalies.

Powerful Software

Get the job done efficiently, from within the application.

Always Available

Need an update? Just login and check how it's going.

Relo-Global Free Survey

Currently working with spreadsheets?

We know how time consuming it is to use a legacy approach to relocation and attestation.
Have you expreienced hundreds of emails clogging your inbox, unclear spreadsheets shared between multiple people?
Consolidate into one easy to use, always up-to-date platform.

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Minimum quotes provided on each move
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Employees satisfied with our service and features on the app
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Relocations completed safely. Service available globally.
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Resource overhead saved thanks to automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re usually asked some questions before people get started. Here’s just a few of the most common.

Relo-Global is a software solution centered around delivering an amazing experience for the client.

By applying blind-bid RFQ process to each request, we'll cut your moving costs across the board.

No. We'll present you with the itemised quotes from the RFQ process, including insurance. That's how much you'll pay for your complete end-to-end moving process.

For individuals
Simply click on the get started / login button.
For Employees
Contact us or your registered HR representative to be added to your company account.

Our proprietary software has been built specifically by industry insiders to tackle the most time consuming and professional elements of the entire relocation process.

  • Gathering the necessary information
  • Requesting prices
  • Staying updated.

Through technology, we've hugely reduced the overhead on your relocation teams.

What our clients are saying...

We’re dedicated to delivering a customer focussed experience every time.

Ready to Get Started?

Dramatically reduce employee move stress

Hugely increas HR efficiency during relocation