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Saudi Arabia poses a specific set of challenges when attesting documents, due to their phased approach to their certification and authentication process passing through multiple government agencies in both origin and KSA, then ultimately ending with MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) approval.

Document attestation is compulsory for professionals who wish to receive a visa and accept a job in the Kingdom. This is to assure the government of Saudi Arabia that you are appropriately qualified, or you are legitimate as a company. These requirements also extend to people wishing to apply for a Saudi Arabian business visit visa, study visa or residence visa.

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Our team are specialist at dealing with institutions, embassies and government agencies. Through experience, they already know the requirements and guidelines before your documents are submitted – meaning the process goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible each time.

Attestation / Notary Guidelines

MOFA Attestation in Saudi Arabia is a service that is available to everybody who wishes to take advantage of a job offer, enroll in an educational course or become a citizen of KSA. For individuals, it is a very involved and time consuming process.

KSA Attestation requires that your documents need to be attested in-country by the relevant body that is authorised by the state. We can help you with this and in most circumstances, it has already been done for another reason in the past.
However if it is required, we will submit the following BEFORE sending it throught the Saudi process:

Initially, your documents need to be attested at the state level, for example at your chamber of commerce or equivalent, alongside an MOU from your current employer.

You may need to have the documents confirmed and stamped by your Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For educational documents, you will need to engage the Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in your issuing country. Here, you will receive verification prior to attestation.

Finally you will then finish the multi-step process with embassy attestation, where the embassy attests and legalizes the document. Further to this, you will then apply for MOFA approval.

Hands-off Document Attestation Process

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Complete Service

Complete Service

We’ve outlined some of the steps involved in document attestation for KSA above. For the individual, it can be a stressful and daunting task to complete. For corporate HR teams, it can be hugely time consuming and costly.

We know that completing the process in good time is important, and since the process can already take some weeks when submitted completely the first time, it can run into months when done incorrectly.

Relo-Global can begin your process of attestation today. Whether its a single, or multiple documents – for you and/or your family… We’ll get you started immediately with document upload and approval, ready for our specialist team to quote and submit your documents for attestation today.

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