What is Global Mobility?

In an increasingly interconnected, mobile world, multinational workforces are now distributed across the planet, giving access to talent pools that would not be available otherwise.
Global Mobility Services are the processes involved in moving a businesses’ people. This encompasses multiple internal disciplines, combining human resources, location services, payroll, tax and law.
Due to the extra financial and labour burden the processes require, companies will ask for the support of an International Relocation Support Specialist, such as the team at Relo-Global, who can fully streamline the process.
With an individual moving company, each one will come to your home if required, assess the volume, and finally send you a quote based on their singular volume estimate.
Based on your move, you will have to approach each company, sit with each surveyor, explain the ins and outs of your very personal position, and do that repeatedly until you reach a solution or deal with the fastest, most effective company you feel listened to your requirements.
We solve these issues by streamlining the whole mobility process into one system, bringing multiple service providers together through the a unified platform.
What is Mobility?

Aligning Global Mobility Strategy Objectives

With globalisation in full swing, HR departments often need to ask critical employees to relocate to offices in different nations to perform critical roles in their job effectively. When an employee is asked to move abroad, they are referred to as “International Assignees“.

Mobility Consultancy

We’re here for you. Our highly experienced consulting team have a deep technical understanding of the mobility industry. They will work with you to implement the processes required to ensure that employee mobility experiences are as smooth and stress-free as possible.
Through the power of software, we bring all parties together, into one easy-to-use interface.

Moving Employees Around

Handling the complex arrangements of a mobile workforce spanning the globe can be daunting and consume substantial overheads, even for the largest companies.
Our Global Mobility Team handles enquiries and assists individuals and companies of all sizes with their

Why is Relo-Global important?

Single Point of Contact

We become your gateway to the mobility world. We’ve created relationships with hundreds of moving companies, surveyors, immigration specialists and home search consultants.

With their expertise, combined with our unique platform, we’re able to offer a single point of contact for all your mobility needs.

Cost Saving through Efficiency

We pride ourselves on our ability to get the right service at the right price. When we obtain quotes from our internationally accredited service providers through our RFQ process, we’ll ensure that it’s competitive. We’ll break your needs down into stages and gather quotations for each of them individually.

The team at Relo-Global will then combine all of these quotation fragments back into easy-to-understand quotations ready for you to select.