Customs Clearance Service

What is Customs Clearance Processing?

Every time cargo moves in or out of a country, the process must involve clearance by customs. The customs authorities are involved in both exports and imports, at both origin and destination. The process of customs clearance is in place to ensure that goods do not pass through airports, sea ports and border controls illegally when being imported or exported.

The process allows the authorities in the applicable country to ensure and confirm that all tariffs, taxes, approvals and permits have been paid and attained to allow the goods to pass through the checkpoint and then enter or leave the territory or country.

What is the function of Customs?

Customs departments form part of the law enforcement teams deployed by government authorities charged with enforcing import and export rules and collecting associated duties. They also issue permits and permission for people, goods, freight and personal effects to be moved in or out of a country.

Customs departments will verify and inspect the cargo being transported so that their legality and fitness can be established, and ready to be received by the recipient of the shipment in the destination country. It is an important, necessary and mandatory part of the shipping process and allows goods to be delivered within the local legal frameworks.

Import Customs Clearance

With a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, our network of specialist customs brokers has points of presence at the majority of the ocean and airports around the world, so you can get personal assistance with your customs clearance requirements.

Export Customs Clearance

Take the hassle out of exporting goods and personal effects by allowing us to take care of the lodgement of declarations and other paperwork needed to smoothly export your items. We will ensure that you’re notified of all the requirements, charges and potential complications before your goods depart the origin port.

Import Customs Clearance

Clearance of Personal Effects

Our team will advise you on packing and shipping policies and best practices for all aspects of your relocation. We provide full relocation and mobility services that are complimented by this customs clearance service too.

Clearing Cars and Automobiles

Whether you’re shipping your prized collectable or starting a new venture, we’re here to help you clear your vehicles through customs quickly and effectively. Contact us also for information and quotes on all types of insurance services related to all kinds of shipments.

What is the role of a Customs Broker?

Each country has its own laws, rules and guidelines related to what is freely transportable and goods that require a license or are banned. As with many legal aspects of life, they can differ substantially between countries. As such, understanding customs rules in detail for each customs origin or destination can be difficult and the amount of information required becomes unmanageable for individuals. In cases where shipments are a one-off, are regularly sent to different destinations or contain a wide variety of items that apply different rules, then it is necessary to engage the assistance of professionals to help you.

What is the role of a Customs Broker?

Customs brokers (customs clearance agents) provide services that include preparing and advising customs on the necessary paperwork in order to facilitate a smooth customs process at the local port. For successful customs clearances, customs brokerages will also represent customers where necessary at customs inspections, advise of any taxes or fees due, assist with payments and receive or store shipments when they arrive as necessary.
As a result of their representation, the need for the customer to follow all of the guidelines, processes and laws themselves is dramatically reduced, since the broker becomes their representative within the port. Since the process is so involved, it is imperative that a competent broker is found.

Local Representatives

Local Representatives

We’ll engage the closest trusted broker to your customs port, so you can benefit from the specific regional knowledge required to smoothly clear your shipment into the country with the minimum fuss and additional fees. We will ensure that all required documentation is present and correct prior to arrival, so as a result, you’ll avoid penalties and charges that can arise as a result of errors and resultant delays.

Documentation and Certificate Preparation Service

Our dedicated teams can assist with the burden of substantial paperwork preparation required for shipments to be cleared through customs ports. We can assist with EUR1, ATRs, certificates of origin, T2L and IECs.