Document Attestation, Certification and Legalization

Document Attestation, Certification and Legalization

The process of document attestation is essential to individuals and businesses of all types, as it authenticates your required documentation for official use in another country. The process can be referred to as attestation, certification, legalization, verification or stamping.

Officially attested documentation is required when moving to, or applying for a new job within a new country. It is especially relevant when birth certificates, marriage certificates or degree certificates form mandatory parts of visa application processes around the world.

Complicated Processes

Each country has it’s own requirements, based on the document type, the document origin and the destination country. This exponent situation means that if you were born in a different place to that in which you were educated and achieved your qualifications, you would need to fully research the process for each territory involved and for each document type. This can be time consuming, complicated and can lead to costly mistakes if mishandled, leading to huge time delays, increased costs and incorrect attestation status.

Our dedicated team have seen it all before – it’s their full time job. They’ve handled documentation from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Pacific and the UK into all countries of the world. We have strong key contact with the embassies that allows us to target the necessary work at the correct department first time, so we are sure that the process is completed as soon as possible.

A Hands-off Document Attestation Process

All documents that require attestation must first be certified (stamped) by their issuer. For instance, a marriage certificate should be stamped and signed by the registrar and degree certificates should be stamped by the institution from which it was awarded.

Under most circumstances, this is already done.
Once the documentation is readied by the client, our team will review it for free, to ensure that it meets the criteria to be submitted to the relevant embassy or government body for final attestation.

Forming a single point of contact, we will give you the complete price to legalise the documents supplied, then the team will then submit it to and work with the relevant agencies on your behalf.

Hands-off Document Attestation Process
Which documents can be attested?

Which documents can be attested?

Under some circumstances, there are some documents that will need to be witnessed by a lawyer prior to submission. We’ve got you covered here too and will advise accordingly.

All-in-one Service

Relo-Global is proud of its competitively priced, all-in-one document attestation and legalisation service.

Clients are finding that our digital platform offers levels of efficiency and simplicity like no other. It’s totally set and forget.

Once the documents have been submitted, our team will handle the process entirely; automatically keeping you informed of progress, but only needing to contact you again if additional information is required and once the attested documents are ready for delivery.

Find out more today, we’re here for you and your organisation, ready to take away the burden of document attestation globally – streamlining your HR processes still further in an unavoidably bureaucratic process.

All-in-one Service